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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back in Eden ... AKA Covasinț, Romania

Yesterday, Saturday, 29 June was my last day in Romania for this visit.  It started most pleasantly with a coffee in the Piața Unirii in Timisoara in the company of my colleague Miruna Nachescu.  From there, I drove northward through Arad to the home of Ileana and Sebastian Fera, introduced to my readers last October.  This month their sumptuous garden was in season, simply bursting with beauty and bounty.  I will let the pictures, and this favorite Harry Belafonte song, speak for the experience.  (Please note the progression of the long, scrumptious, lunch.)  (Roxy, I dare you not to cry!)

At first, the table was bare.

But Ileana would not leave it so for long.

Seba opens the vin rosu sec.

A first course of salam de Sibiu, with cheeses and sour cherries, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

Then came noodles for the chicken soup.

Casa Fera de Covasinț

Then sarmale cu cartofi pure...

with sos de ciuperci, si a chicken & pork stew.

Let us not overlook dessert!

Custard cake with sour cherries and whipped cream.

The lunch table, as seen from the house. Do you see why I am reminded of Eden?

Our friends the Feras.

The Dacia 1310.

The garage. (It works!)

Excellent watchdog.

Car guy.

And appreciative guest.

Grape vines.


And all is down a country road from the village.

Which was impassable by car for a week this spring.

But as you climb up the road from the bottom,

you find Covasinț to be quite charming,

and quite traditional.
That afternoon, I left Romania by way of Szeged, Hungary, and drove to the Austrian border, where I slept well at Rozsa Csarda, a favorite hotel just inside Hungary.  Today, I have made it to Krems an der Donau, Austria.  Da, da, da, da...


  1. Multumesc Duncan for posting this story...I miss my parents very much...That place they have there is definitely a piece of heaven! :)

    I'm glad you had a good time...

  2. ...I didn't cry...but I had teary eye...:)


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