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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beloved friends, "La revedere!"

Last night we gathered to say "Goodbye" at Restaurantul Panoramic in Cluj:
Restarantul Panoramic is high on the hill just across the river from Downtown Cluj.

The panarama looks out over the spectacular new stadium.

That shiny spot is Raul SomeČ™ Mic, flowing past the stadium.

Tibi and Alexandra

Ramona, Monica and Florina, a trio characterized by brains, beauty, and charm!

My 2009 teaching assistant at EURO, Lucian Bogdan, Ph.D. joined in the party!

Great views and fine food make this restaurant quite special.

The professor ... telling a bad joke?

Thanks, Monica, for getting this group in one frame!
I will be here in Cluj just two more days.  I am already "fearing the tearing" that is sure to come as I drive away Friday morning.  (Of course, one never knows which visit will be his last, for such is life!)  But to all my friends here in Cluj, I bid a fond, "Farewell!"

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