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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Difficult Year...Still, Craciun Fericit!

At our home in New Hampshire, we have faced emotional trials in 2018.  We know that we are not alone in that, and we offer our sympathy to all who had similar trials or tragedies in 2018.

About this time in 2017 we learned that our oldest son, 42, had been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.   Scans done subsequently showed no tumors in his major bodily organs, so reports were that his life was likely not in peril.  Then, in January, they scanned his head, and found a tumor in his cerebellum.  Our beloved son, father of three of our grandchildren, was going in for emergency brain surgery.  Thanks be to God, and to the surgeons at St. Mary's hospital in Richmond, Virginia, that surgery went well, but the tissue tests showed that the tumor was a metastasis of his colon cancer, and his disease was rediagnosed as Stage 4 colon cancer.

Almost all year, our boy has continued to work at his responsible position at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, while undergoing twelve rounds of Chemotherapy.

Then, on August 3rd, I found that our youngest son, 33, had committed suicide.  I shan't go into the details, but it was the worst night of my life.  Shirl and I miss him every day.

All three of our surviving children came to the funeral, the oldest driving up to New Hampshire from Virginia with his wife and three kids, 1, 3, and 5 years of age.  It was good to see that he had the strength to do so.


Thank God, I can end this saga with some good news.  In November the team of surgeons at St. Mary's did a complete colostomy, from which our son is healing still.  His employers have supported him in his trauma, and seem eager to have him back at work.  Thus far, no further cancer has been indicated by tissue and blood tests.  The latest report just yesterday, is that he is healing well, and will soon be ready to start physical therapy.  Shirl and I haven't been able to go, due to our own health issues, but several family members have rallied to Virginia from Massachusetts, from Vermont, and from Colorado to help support our heroic daughter-in-law in caring for our son and grandchildren during this difficult time.

God be praised!


So as Christmas approaches, only 6 days away, we offer prayers of thanks for one son's life, and prayers for peace and rest for our departed one, and also for yours.

Merry Christmas! 

May we all have a healthy and happy 2019!