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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cookout at Casa Rusu

Who is peekng in from the patio?
Our latest guest at Hotel New Hampshire is named Daniel Rusu, also the latest Plymouth State University MBA student to arrive from Romania.  Like most, he rented a room near the campus in Plymouth for his first year in the program, and once we got to know him and to like him, Shirl and I decided to invite him to live at Hotel New Hampshire for the summer, and for his final two quarters in the program.  Danny (aka Dani) is from Cluj.  Yesterday I was the guest of his family at their lovely home on the northern edge of the city.

O, it is Maia!  (Seen here with her mother Renata, Dani's sister, who is home for the summer from their home in Japan!)

Adjustment to the shade, as Teofil does the honors at the grill.

Dani's father and mother, with their charming trilingual granddaughter.

Mixed Grill a la Rusu: Ceafa de porc, mititei, aripioare de pui, si ciuperci cu brunza.  Fantastic!

Maia abd I both liked the flower pot.

The Family Rusu has been invited to New Hampshire to enjoy our similar patio.

Teofil reminds me of my brother-in-law, Dick Cichowski.

Though close to the city, the area is quite rural, and very pretty.

The pears are just forming in the orchard.

Maia and Baba ("Grandma") Maria.

Peek-a-boo, Maia!
Maria and Teofil, Renata and Maia, have all expressed their hope of a chance to meet Shirl soon,  At this point, it is still a definite "maybe."

Hey, Shirl-Girl, come on over!

Dar, timpul a zbarat, so after a delightful three hours at Casa Rusu and a marvelous meal, I left to go back into the city for a sip of wine with Dani's fellow PSU MBA, Raluca T!  (It sure is a tough life for me, here in Cluj.)

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