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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Latest Romanian Road Trip!

Tomorrow, early, I shall leave Cluj via Calea Turzii, and head for Oașa Monastery, about three hours to the south.  My goal there is to attend the Sunday service, a beautiful ceremony that I missed on my visit there two years ago, with then-students Valer and Simo.  I hope to get a chance to talk once again with Father Sava.

I plan to continue south in the afternoon to Pitești, just an hour or so from Bucharest.  There I have booked a room for the night, making the drive into Bucharest one I can do after a good night's sleep.  I will check into the Hotel Casa Victor, where I am sure that Dl. Mihai Ioncea and his staff will give me a good welcome.

In Bucharest I have only three objectives:
  • to buy a supply of U.S.-Romania friendship pins, which were available at the Parliament (People's House) back in 2008.  I gave mine to my dear Romanian-American colleague Professor Roxana Wright at this year's commencement;
  • to visit my friends at the Fulbright Commission of Romania, and
  • to meet my former student Alina Sime's husband and baby David, and to have some good food with them Tuesday night.
On Wednesday I shall wander home to Cluj, maybe by way of the mountain road known as Ceaușescu's Folly, the famous (if treacherous) RO 7C, The Transfagarasan Highway.
 Not in a hurry!  Just cruisin'!

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