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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friends (and Food) in Bucharest

Klaus parked a block from Casa Victor
The city is enjoying a lovely early summer.
Casa Victor, on Str, Emanoil Porumbaru
Today I spent in Bucharest where I had two memorable meals.  Lunch was ciorba de burta with Mihai Moroiu of the U.S.-Romanian Fulbright Commission at Casa Boiereasca, not far from the Commission offices in the Embassy District.  Then, following a few hours of actual academic writing, I was joined at dinner by my former student Alina Sime and her husband, Dragos Boeru.  This was my first chance to meet Dragos, whom I found to be a gracious and wickedly handsome devil, who shares Alina's penchant for jumping from perfectly functional airplanes.  Their son David stayed home with his nanny, so him I shall have to meet on a future date!

Alina and Dragoș

God bless Alina!  She called me "Uncle Duncan!"

The handsome Dragoș

And the "We were there shot," taken by our waitress.
(That is my spaghetti bolognese, getting cold.)


  1. sounds like a fun time. miss you & love you!

  2. Sure would be nice to get to know this person, Anonymous. (Prolific author!)


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