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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Pet?

The week since my return from Europe has been a hot one, in between rains that have contributed humidity to the ambiance.  It has been great weather in which to sit on the patio at Hotel New Hampshire, to drink Cola Zero or beer, and to enjoy the shade/rain protection of the large umbrella.  As I went in to the house yesterday from the patio, I heard a rustling sound at my feet.

Isn't she a handsome garter snake?  I soon learned that Roxy had seen her while I was away, so I now assume that she has a nest under our cement-block step up from the patio to the house.  Nothing to fear.  Northern New Hampshire has no poisonous snakes, nor spiders.  It is a wonderful place where kids can play safely in the woods.  These snakes eat bugs and small rodents.  I treat them as friends.

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