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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Monday Morning Musings

The Celtics took until almost 11:00 PM to win game 5 of the NBA finals in Boston, so Shirl was captivated in Cluj on the computer until well past dawn. It is now almost 8:00 AM, and I am about to collect Klaus and cruise across Cluj to have breakfast at The Faculty (FSEGA), where I am told there is a coffee shop on the newly-completed sixth floor.  Hopefully, I will meet up with Trent and Roxana W. there, for they arrived Friday afternoon, and today we will be in meetings with Mihaela and others.

On Sunday, while Roxana rested from a difficult trip during which her money was lost to a thief in Turin, Trent and I went sightseeing in the country, first to the beautiful monastery at Rameţ, near Teiuş, then to Colţeşti for lunch.  We drove via the god-awful, but scenic and rural back road from Aiud to Colţeşti, then came home from Turda to Cluj on a brand new (no exits yet, save at the ends) 42-Km of divided highway, at 130 Km/Hr.  It is a wonderful road, but it also made clear my point from last year.  The country of Romania will not be the same for tourists once the highway system is completed.  In some ways Romania will be better, commercially it should be more prosperous, clearly it will be much easier to traverse, but it will not look the same, feel the same, nor be Middle Earth anymore.

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