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Saturday, June 19, 2010

La Braşov

Note: this post should have preceded the one below, which tells Friday's tale.

On Wednesday, 16 June, following a final meeting with Mihaela, Trent and Roxana W. at the Cluj Chamber of Commerce, Shirl and I drove Roxana to her family's home in Braşov.  From Cluj that is about 280 Km southeast across Transylvania.  Shirl had heard that Braşov was a beautiful old city, but on our previous trip through that Judeţ on June 6th, we had seen little of its beauty, in spite of having set the GPS for "Center City," and in spite of our having had Monica Z. with us.  So this week, Shirl had cut a deal with Roxana: promise to show us "Old Braşov," and we'll take you home on our way to Bukovina (thus saving her parents a ten-hour round trip to pick Roxana up).

Roxana accepted Shirl's offer, and it worked out wonderfully.  Not only did we share a long and sociable ride through a torrential hailstorm and rain squall, but when we got to Braşov the weather eased, and the views from the hill above her family's home were lovely, indeed. 

We offer our thanks to Doamna Geta ("Jetta") and Domnile Dorin Dima of Braşov for the wonderful dinner they fed us upon our tardy arrival, and for taking us on a stroll to the hilltop to take these photos.

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