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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast with Ivan

Ivan K is an engineer of about my age.  He speaks only a bit of English, but when I joined his table this morning in the breakfast room, my "Mucho gusto!' led to our conversing in Spanish, which my bilingual brother in Puerto Rico will find humorous, as he knows that I have only un poco de Espanol.  Ivan spent four years of his life working in Cuba, and is still an aficionado of that land.  I shared Brian's story of studying Cuban music, of fainting in a diabetic incident while in Cuba, and of having his disease diagnosed and his life saved by Cuban doctors.  Ivan and I have exchanged cards, and become new friends.

Ivan's wife is at home this morning, but because she is a fluent English-speaker, Ivan called her from our table, and we chatted a bit.  Perhaps I will make a weekend trip to
Bulgaria next winter, and meet her and Ivan once again.

Shirl is sleeping.  Whoops!  There is our 10:00 wake-up call!  I have relieved Shirl of get-up duty, as I want to go use the beautiful indoor pool I visited on my way back from breakfast.

Barring unforeseen problems, we are less than three hours' drive from Bucharest ("Little Parts," as Mrs. K. described it over the telephone). The joys of travel notwithstanding, we look forward to being back in familiar, beloved Romania.

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