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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

¡PayPal, Si! WU, Nu! (Also read next post, which favors WU from the Romanian side)

User Unfriendly Department:

Dear Western Union,

I have just wasted 90 minutes attempting to make a 100 Euro transfer to a travel agent in Pitesti, Romania. The money was needed there, today, and the agent asked that I use WU to transfer it. I did so, registering with you online, and making multiple attempts to effect the transfer. Chase Bank, my credit card issuer, blocked the first attempt. I called them and cleared that block. But still, WU failed to allow my next several attempts to go through. I called your service operator, and was told that he could not remove the automated block on the transfer.

I have sent the money by PayPal. This path creates inconvenience for the travel agent, but it is high time that she learn to use the efficient PayPal services. They did for $0.68 what you would have received $15.00 for, had you completed my transfer.

Like most dissatisfied customers, I shall probably tell many of my frustration with your overly expensive and ineffective service.

I shall not trouble you in the future.


Duncan McDougall

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