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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Yesterday I read that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia predicts that The Islamic State (ISIS) will bring terror attacks to the United Kingdom within a month, and to America within two months.  Having just digested that report, I liked none of what I read in today's lead story on Yahoo News:

Putin seeks 'statehood' talks on east Ukraine

It is time to pull Western heads-of-state's heads out of the sand.

It appears that America, weakened by an indecisive, appeaser-apologist (for whom, I confess, I naively voted in 2008) at the helm, has created a vacuum that is sucking up the evil from all over the world, and setting it energetically into motion.

Clearly, America is in a pre-World War pose. Isolationism and denial of reality dominate popular opinion. But the Russian Bear is on the march from the East, and the Islamist State vipers are a venomous vortex, gaining territory and wealth while spreading death and intolerance in the desert.

Unless a courageous leader stands up soon, I fear for our future. The West needs a forceful communicator who believes in the fundamental principles of Western morality. The survival of the developed world and the widespread relative prosperity contributed to billions by globalization and international trade are at stake.

In the next two weeks, I expect terror attacks in the West.  Over the next two years, I fear a major war. Europe, do you need another war? Did you not suffer enough in the Twentieth Century? Have you not learned the futility of waiting hopefully for evil to reform itself?

Political correctness is partly to blame. It has become unseemly to say, "Good and Evil are real." Human freedom to profit from honest effort, freedom to worship as one's conscience dictates, freedom to speak one's mind, freedom to take risks, and the freedom to fail, and to then try again, are good things.  They are the fundamentals upon which the Modern Western World is founded.  They are codified in the U.S. Constitution, one of the greatest documents of human history. Those who would kill people for worshiping differently than they, or for calling God by a different name than they do, are evil.  If not evil as human beings, their behavior is evil, under the influence of evil men who teach such practices as godly and mandatory. It is time to face up to the evil in the world, to see clearly what is afoot in our small world.

Not only The West, but all rational and caring human beings in the world are in this mess, together. We need a leader!

All that we have built in this small, beautiful world is at risk.

Who will take over as leader of the Free World?  Ms. Merkel?  Mr. Cameron? Mr. Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?
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