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Friday, September 5, 2014

WU Comes Thru, the Old-Fashioned Way

In fairness to Western Union, I must report that my Romanian travel agent, unable to remember or reset her PayPal password, and stressed out traveling by bus from Pitesti to Bucharest, finally received her payment authorization in Bucharest, with the help of Western Union.  (I think.)

I was never able to use WU's online service, which repeatedly rejected a payment bound for Romania, and I still far prefer PayPal, which would have charged me a mere 68 US cents to transfer 100 Euros ($131.00), vs. Western Union's fees of US$15.00 online, or $10.99 (as I did the transaction) at Rite Aid Pharmacy in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

But, using Western Union, I have apparently gotten the job done for my friend, if she succeeds in collecting her Euros at a WU agency in Bucharest.  At least, she now has the MTCN number for the transaction!

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