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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Romanian Pilot and a Passenger Die in Upstate NY Crash of Cessna 182 Towing Banner

I learned this afternoon from my friend and former student Alina Meda Sime (from Oradea, Romania) that the man most responsible for her becoming a skydiver died in the Saratoga Springs, New York, area on 2 August. Here is the local news report from the day of the accident.

Fellow pilots may want to know more about the crash, so here is a link to the small airport's navigation information.

Alina wrote to me in Facebook:
"marius ciprian ivascu [was] his full name. I know all the details unfortunately. I struggled to get his family to US... got the visa in 1 day and in the evening  boarded them on a plane...then I stayed in touch with his wife, godfather, and best friend to set things for funeral and explain to his family in romanian..."
On 21 September, memorial services will be held simultaneously both in Romania and the U.S.

Though I did not know Marius, as a fellow pilot I feel a loss. I am especially sad for Alina's loss of her good friend and mentor.

I pray that Marius Ivascu, and his passenger Jon Stomski, may rest in peace.

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