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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Logan Airport Non-coincidence

Alina Sime is in the black suit with the red Chute, lower-left.
(All Photos from Alina Sime's Facebook page.)

Last night at Boston, I picked up our latest Plymouth State University MBA student from UBB/FSEGA.  His name is Daniel Rusu.  He is from Cluj, and will soon be working as a graduate assistant in the College of Business Administration.  (Perhaps, dear Romanian Reader, you and a partner should apply for next year's class!)
Alina and friends

At the airport, while waiting for the arriving passengers outside of the Customs area, I stood with a group of skydivers identifiable as such by the bat-suits they were wearing ... the Pepperell (Massachuseets) Skydiving Team to be exact.  They were waiting for a teammate to return from Europe, where he had been in a competition.  I mentioned to a young woman in the group that I was waiting for a Romanian MBA student to arrive.
She said, "Oh, I am from Romania."  Her name is Adriana.  She lived 19 years in GalaĊ£i before coming to Colby College in Maine, and going on to graduate school at the U. of Maryland.  We talked a bit about Romania, and I told her about my UBB-FSEGA student, Alina Sime, the Romanian women's spot-diving champion of 2008, valedictorian of the Englishline, also degreed in environmental engineering, and now an environmental consultant in Bucharest, a wife, a mother, and still active in her favorite sport.
Alina Meda Sime hitting the spot.

I am proud of Alina, one of my very best FSEGA students, and a fine young woman, indeed!

Pepperell Skydiver Adriana's teammate arrived bearing a trophy, and the Pepperell Skydivers erupted in cheers.  I smiled with them, and considered the probabilities.   (There are no coincidences.)
Alina and David at the Airport (Clinceni?)

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