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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Are You Mourning for U.S. Yet?

Perhaps a few posts in most blogs deserve rereading.  Given the world's present situation, in Iraq, in Syria, in Ukraine, in Gaza, etc., I believe that this one from 2011 does:

And I ask, dear international readers, are you wishing that the U.S.A. were still actively exporting security for the world's democracies, as we have so generously and expensively been doing for 69 years?  Or do you feel better now that our administration's policy is, "to lead from behind"?

Answers, be they positive or negative, are encouraged.

[I have received a well-written comment from "A Nonymous" that strongly questions my assertion that the U.S. has spent its blood and treasure for 69 years in the interest of "exporting security" to the free world's democracies. I would love to publish it,* but will not until its author signs his or her name to it. I publish signed comments. If the program asks you to post anonymously, please sign your name in comment comment, itself.]
*5 Sep 2014 - For reasons explained in my reply thereto, I have made an exception, and published this one anonymous comment.  Further comments by unnamed authors will not be published in this blog.


  1. Dear Professor,

    I have never seen and do not presently see America as an exporter of security to the world's democracies.

    "Exporting security to world democracies" presumes high moral standings, honesty and sacrifices for the love of a principle. The principle of democracy.

    In all what the USA does around the world, I can only see self interest, spin, the machinations of the CIA and the machinations of a wealthy, very wealthy class controlling America by its financial clout.

    Please do not insult our intelligence by presuming that we have fallen for the spin.

    A. Nonymous

    1. I have made an exception to my policy of not publishing anonymous comments, because this one is so clearly an example of the ideological left's own spin. If you agree with it, you need not comment further, for your viewpoint has been well expressed by the above commentator, Mr. or Ms. Nonymous. For you all, I recommend reading The Pentagon's New Map by Thomas P.M. Barnett (May 3, 2005).


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