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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Romanian Tribute to Neil Armstrong

On my 69th birthday, 25 August, 2012, America and Earth lost a hero.  This image of his imaginary grave marker for The Merry Cemetery of Săpănța* in Maramureș was sent to me by my good friend Lucian Bogdan of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, who has kindly translated it for me, and for my readers.

English Translation by Dr. Lucian Bogdan, Ph.D., of the American Studies Program, Faculty of European Studies, Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania:

It was about 1969,
When the world was split in two:
Us: we hitched a ride to the moon,

The Russians: no, it's a hoax!
That they saw in my helmet
The glittering of Hollywood
Reflecting people dressed up
in city slicker clothes: "that's John Wayne!"
But they failed to explain
How I was able to jump as if I were in "Matrix"
Without gravity
As if levitated!
For, my cousin, back then we had
Neither Finalcut, nor Premiere

So that you won't believe the Russians,
Let me tell you now a secret:
On the moon, wherever you may look,
It's as dusty as in Bucharest!
Do you think I could have made it up
without touching down on it?
Judge for yourselves
whether it's the Russians or us that are lying!

Saying hello from outer space,
Neil, son of the man with a strong arm!

*See link: The Merry Cemetery of Săpănța


  1. I am Romanian and the translation is good, but in our language it rhymes. It's like an old folk rhyme tale. A clever and delightful folk tale :)

    1. Mulțumesc, draga "comentilor" romăn. Sper ca știu o e-mail adresa pentru tine.

      Please find me on Facebook, if you want to have a conversation!


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