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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Near Miss

Mr. Kenneth Tarr died this week.  He was an amazing public servant.  A World War Two veteran of Patton's Third Army Tank Corps, he helped to relieve Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.  Since the War, he had lived in New Hampshire, raising a large family, and among other jobs, serving as commandant of the Veteran's Home in Tilton for twenty years.  Yesterday afternoon, we of the NHPGR stood a flag line in his honor at a Concord funeral home, as his friends and family paid respects during calling hours.  We came in cages (cars), as February is hardly a motorcycling month in New Hampshire. 

Coming home last evening from that PGR mission on I-93, in "cruise" at about 70 MPH, I awoke to see the butt end of a truckload of logs directly in front of my windshield. I swerved left. The Santa Fe pulled a Klaus, and held the road without turning over, even though I had crossed the left lane onto the median shoulder, had heard the rumble strip, and had swerved back into the left lane. Thanks, God! Now, what hast Thou  preserved me for?

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  1. The NHPGR received a thank you card from Mike Tarr. The contents are as follows:

    Feb. 28, 2012
    On behalf of my family, I wanted to thank you and all of the members of the Patriot Guard for your services during our Dad's wake and funeral service. It meant a great deal to us and he would have been honored by your presence.

    Warm Regards, Mike Tarr

    PS-Please share our gratitude with all or your members.



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