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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving Back at Williamsport Airport

This is a really nice small-city airport, with a coffee bar but no restaurant, and three TSA agents on the day shift to screen the 28 passengers who fit into the Piedmont Airlines/USAirways Express Canadair Dash-8 turboprop that appears to be the only plane scheduled to fly out of here until seven-something tonight.

Hence, the line at security was short, and the inspection was thorough.  As I went through security, the TSA agent pulled out my new tube of Crest toothpaste, which had come to Williamsport unquestioned in the same carry-on bag, declared it illegally big, and politely asked me to surrender it for immediate and official discarding.  Having no choice, I complied, put my shoes and coat back on, and found a seat in which to await boarding.

This will be my first homeward leg, a 45 minute jump to Philadelphia.  It was scheduled to leave at 12:38 PM, and I was supposed to catch a flight to Manchester with only a 42-minute connection in Philly. 

Then the weather delays started.  The plane will leave at 2:05.  No, fifteen minutes later, it becomes 3:27.  The US Airways agent has, thankfully, already re-booked me to Manchester on a 5:49 flight out of Philly, so I am cool.  Zen-like in my calm.

So, I am sitting here alone.  I reread last night's blog post, and crack up in laughter.  I call my brother Wally, tell him to read that "luncheon post," and he cracks up, which gets me going again, and we share a brotherly punch session.

So, I am the only passenger still inside the secure area.  The others have all gone out to get a bite at the coffee bar, or to visit the rest rooms, etc.  I am happily playing Facebook and blog games.  The TSA agent approaches.

"Sir, are you going to wait here for three hours?"

"Yes," I say, "That is my intention.  Why?"

He replies, "Because we have to stay in here as long as even one passenger is in the area."

I thought about leaving... but instead, I have eaten a Snickers bar for lunch, and kept on bloggin'.

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  1. I harbor no hostility toward the TSA agents, but neither do I feel obliged to suffer through a second pass through their gauntlet for the same flight. Who knows what I'd lose that time?


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