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Friday, January 14, 2011

GO minus seven days.

Friday evening in Cluj.  Watched Foyle's War episode 2 "The White Feather" with Simo Imakor, my Morrocan floormate, did a wash, and continued the packing of:
  1. my check-bag, that gets only through-stuff not needed between Cluj and Campton, and
  2. my "stays in Cluj" bags and boxes, which will again be stored at my friend Horaţiu's warehouse.
The rest of my clothing and meds I will cram into my marvelous L.L.Bean midsized duffel, big enough for five-days' clothing and a small cooler for insulin, yet designed to fit perfectly into the overhead bins of a B737 or A320.  Thus, hopefully, I can make it home with only one checked bag.

These semester-and-longer stays in Romania have led to an increasing collection of Euro-possessions, our Freudian guarantors of future trips to Gernamy and Romania.  Of course, Klaus is the biggest of these, but next time, for example, we won't have to rebuy a microwave oven, filtering water pitcher, dishes and silverware, a ladle for ciorba and a knife for cutting veggies for soups and carnaţ for cooking.  Olive oil, salt, pepper, cinnamon, thyme, and even an unopened jar of Jif peanut butter will remain here, encased in our 240V/12V refrigerating cooler, awaiting our return.

Monica, if you hear that I have kicked the bucket, please keep what you like of this collection of household goods, and give the rest to a deserving student or charity.  And Horaţiu, thank you kindly for stashing it all for us while we are away.

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