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Monday, January 17, 2011

(D -4) Elena's Birthday

A knock on the door at ten P.M.  "Unde esti?" I call, inaccurately. I'd asked "Where is it?"  Oh, crap!  I'd meant "Cine esti?", "Who is it?"

It turned out to be my Englishline Labor Management student and floormate, Elena, from Room 214.  "You caught me in my pajamas," I said.  "Oops.  Sorry,"  she said, "but it is my birthday, and we wondered if you would like to come for some sangria and cake.  We are in 214."  It was too nice an offer to refuse.  "Okay, I'll get dressed."
Birthday girl Elena Dumitraşcu with the fortunate Andrei Manea, her boyfriend.

All but one of the party goers.  (Someone snapped the photo.)
I surely enjoyed meeting this jolly throng, and I thank them all for the invitation.  Elena, "La mulţi ani!"

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