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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Departure Day

Bleeding money, but coming home.  Taxi to airport: 50 Euro.  Bag fee (no carryons can weigh over 8 Kg,  Mine was almost twice that), 150 Euros.  (The good deal was that the first two were free, and they accepted my huge bag, even though it was 27 Kg, 5 over the limit!)  Internet hookup, $14.71 for two hours.  But I am here at the Stuttgart Flughafen, and am online, and have a good looking salad and sandwich next to me, and have three hours till flight time.  So, I will bleed the money happily!  After all, it is only money.  Soon, I will be seeing Shirley, and Alex, and Alex2, and maybe even Ralu for dinner in Boston.

Thank you, Dietmar, and Sabine, and Max, and Ferdi of Fellbach.  It is always a pleasure to see you all.  Max, I hope you will enjoy Klaus for the coming year.  He is a great old car, and I know he will keep you safe.  Ferdi, please remember to check the brake pads.  I heard a bit of scraping at low speeds in the Alte Kelter lot.  It was probably just a sticky caliper in the cold, but best to have them checked!  The key is in Max's mailbox, and Klaus is stowed at the Alte Kelter.

Goodbye, Europe.  I do not know when I will be back, but the smart money will be betting it will happen before two years are out.

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