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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Road Warrior's Roaming Renewed

Saturday, 11:28 A.M.

This afternoon Shirl and I will be driving southward, bound for Orlando to visit our new grandson, Killian, our granddaughter Brynn, who turned two just today, and their parents Jamie and Amy McDougall.  Hopefully, while in Florida we shall also be seeing my eldest son Brian, his wife Nika, and my grandson Moses, for they are in Miami for the winter.  To add to the family reunion, my youngest brother Robert and his wife Sharon have just relocated back to Orlando from the Los Angeles area, where they have spent the past ten years.  So, please wish us well, dear readers, as we embark on my first road trip with me at the wheel since last December's post-Christmas circuit to visit friends throughout Northern Romania (Cluj to Oradea to Ocna Sugatag to Suceava to Iasi to Vatra Dornei and back to Cluj).

I've had almost two weeks to rest here in Campton since returning from India, and feel ready to tackle this 1500-mile drive.  We will likely get to New Jersey tonight, into the Carolina's Sunday night, and all the way to Orlando on Monday.  Of course, that assumes that Shirl also gets into travel mode, so we can drive away by nine o'clock each morning.

All this travel is made possible by our youngest son Alex, who will be house-sititng at HNH, and looking after our guard dog, Bogie.  Thanks, Alex, we appreciate your help! 

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