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Friday, March 27, 2015

Breakfast in Boulder

Louisville, Colorado

Okay, Louisville is not Boulder.  But I flew out here yesterday to visit Christal and Hannah in Boulder, and at dinner last evening at Spice China restaurant here, Christal insisted that Louisville is now "suburban Boulder."  Christal, a sixth grade teacher at the Dawson School, looks strong, beautiful, and happy.  I gave her the hug that Shirl had sent from New Hampshire,  Her lovely daughter (my granddaughter) Hannah, 15, is presently performing in a community theater production of "Victor, Victoria," and seeing her dance was the original reason for my scheduling this trip.  Then, Piper found a new guy whom she wants me to meet... and my niece Talya gave birth to Eden, a grand-niece.  So, here I am, doing a family weekend in Colorado.

I woke up this morning after a long and needed night's sleep, and went downstairs to the breakfast room by way of the parking lot, for I had discovered that the car-charger for my smartphone was in my insulin case, not too useful if I were to need to recharge the phone on the road.  At breakfast, I met Rob, SVP-Operations for, a manufacturer of cell phone charging kiosks. (Coincidence?)  Here is their logo:

Soon, you may see one of these kiosks in a store or tourist attraction.  They are free to users, and sponsored by the commercial establishments as a service to their customers.  The company, entering its third year, is growing at about 300% per year!

Rob is, perhaps, 40.  He is from Philadelphia, and out of Bucknell University.  We had a good conversation.  His wife is an American of Japanese descent, whom Rob met while working in Japan. He says he studied Japanese at Bucknell, chiefly in order to make sure that he would "get off the farm" after his graduation.  Obviously, it worked.  Of course, I mentioned my experience working in Romania, and he said that he has a good friend with a Romanian wife.  Hopefully, that guy will soon be chuckling at my old post about Romanian womanhood.  Then, I mentioned having taught at Boston University while Elie Wiesel was there, which led to his noting that BU was now competing in the Patriot League, of which Bucknell is also a member.  (Elie Wiesel, who was introduced a week or so ago when P.M. Netanyahu of Israel spoke to Congress, is one of my heroes.  He has appeared previously in this blog,)

Waiting for the elevator to return to the room to post of my breakfast, I met a couple from Indianapolis, where my Dad was born and grew up.  They, too, were here to visit a new baby in the family,  I guess everybody comes to Boulder, eventually.

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