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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Poem for my Niece(s)

To: Belinda, Juliet, Poscha, Talya, Mariah, and Angela, and to my adopted nieces, whose names I hold dear in my memory.* 

You have so much good in you...

And so much latent passion,

That I love you as a fellow,

Child of The Universe.

Does that make me perverse?

Or just one living in reverse?

But who can act on such a curse?


So be my niece, and loved as such,

And I shall always love you much.

(It's sing-song, but off-the-cuff!)

With love and thanks for your loyalty and friendship,

From Uncle Duncan

*My adopted nieces know who they are, so their names here I have withheld to prevent possible misunderstanding.  Suffice it to say, they come from near and far, and all have been like family to us, either while abroad, or here at Hotel New Hampshire, as we call our home.

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