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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Beat Goes On

Theme: There are no coincidences.
Plymouth, New Hampshire, 18 October, 2014

On Saturday, while hunting for a hard copy of the New Hampshire Magazine for October (linked in the previous post), our new Romanian friend Flavius S. (din Târgu Mureş, in Transilvania) and I stopped at Plymouth's Chase Street Market. Scott Biederman, the store's proprietor (and my longtime friend) was there, so I introduced him to Flavius. Scott asked, "Has he met Marina, our Romanian employee who is working downstairs?"

I have known Marina P., a student at Plymouth State, for some time. She and her boyfriend and fellow student, Mihai E., have attended some of our gatherings at "Hotel New Hampshire."  I thanked Scott for his suggestion.

Downstairs from Chase Street Market in Plymouth is Biederman's Deli, the town's premier pub and sandwich shop.  Flavius and I went around the corner, and walked down the hill on Chase Street to the Deli.  We sat at the bar, and asked for two beers, some popcorn, and Marina.

Marina, who had been working in the kitchen, came out and was clearly delighted to meet another Romanian. She and Flavius struck up a conversation in Romanian, and soon were far beyond my ability to keep up.  But, after awhile the fact came out that Marina hails from Braila, on the Danube in southeastern Romania, and Flavius asked her if she knew a certain girl of the same age from that town.

"Yes!" replied Marina.  "We were best friends throughout high school!"

"Well, she was my girlfriend for a year-and-a-half when I was at University in Cluj," said Flavius. "She was living in Bucharest, but I would commute by train every two or three weeks [an eight-hour train ride, each way] to see her."

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