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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Diana Does America!

At the Grand Teton National Park, WY. (Diana Cristea Photo)
Over the last two days, I have learned a new value of the Internet.  Here is a post that went up today:

iLove USA: 

A Romanian Girl's Solo Sojourn.

The subject young lady, Diana Stephania Cristea, is from Baia Mare, Maramureş, Romania. 

I have known Diana for several years, and she has appeared in this blog on a number of occasions.  When Monica Z. was visiting at Plymouth State University, we went to New York for a day's sightseeing, and then "crashed" at Diana's apartment in Stamford, CT, rather than face a midnight drive all the way home. Moreover, I have even sat at the kitchen table of Diana's parents in Baia Mare, and enjoyed an afternoon snack!  Hers is a kind and friendly heart, and she comes from a most hospitable family.

Hence, when I heard that Diana is presently stranded, and down to her last $80, in Grand Canyon Village, Arizona, I was happy to help her out.  That is one of the most expensive towns I have ever been in.  (I remember our shock back in 1977, when Shirl, six-month old Jamie, and I discovered that a McDonald's hamburger in Grand Canyon cost three times its price in the civilized world!)

For over six years now, I have been contributing my blogs to the Internet without advertising, simply to share ideas, beauty, Romania, Europe, Turkey, India, and myriad non-coincidences with you, my dear readers. 

Now, without any pressure or expectation, I am offering you a chance to join me in helping my friend Diana to complete her dream.  You may, if you wish, make a contribution at the link above.

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