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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Fantastickest Party Part 2

Roxy Fera, Sandra Chioralia, and Diana Doroftei in the lobby of the Jerry Orbach Theatre.
 Following our theater date, we four walked a bit in Times Square, till the old man got sticky and cranky.  Then, we recovered the car, and tried to take Roxy to Union Square, where she planned a brief meeting with some childhood friends from Sibiu with whom she has stayed in touch, but whom she had not seen in twenty-odd years.  Unfortunately, the traffic snarls made walking faster than driving.  Roxy wisely decided to go the distance by foot.  It turned out to be "a marathon," but God bless her, she made it there, and back to our dinner in Stamford by about 9:00 PM.
With Diana Doroftei in Times Square

Roxy, shepherding the foursome in Times Square traffic
 At Cappricio's in Stamford we were joined by more of the Romanian diaspora of Connecticut, friends Diana Cristea and Loredana Britka, Loredana's parents Mia and Zoltan, who are visiting from Baia Mare, as well as Sandra's good friend Ionuţ and Diana Doroftei's partner and co-author, Matthew Cross.  Please excuse the soft images... the light was dim, the quarters tight, and the wine was flowing.

Loredana and Mia Britka

Our side of the table.

Sandra and Ionuţ

Zoltan and Roxy
Unfortunately, I don't have a shot of Diana Cristea at the table, but she is in the group shot, coming below.  The two Dianas, Loredana, Sandra, Ionuţ, and the three Britkas all broke my rule, and brought cards and presents, and at dessert, everyone sang "Happy Birthday!" to me.  I've never heard so many "La multi ani"s directed at me! Thanks to you all for the presents and memories.
Sandra's Photo of the Balloon Flag
And, I loved the red, blue, and gold "Romanian Flag" balloons provided by the Stamford contingent!

At Cappricio's for dinner with Zoltan Britka, Sandra, Diana Cristea, Loredana Britka, Roxy, Mia Britka, and Diana D.
Roxy stayed with Sandra Wednesday night, while I enjoyed a cool room at La Quinta.  The next morning, we accepted Matt and Diana's invitation to coffee at Zumbach's in New Canaan.

A coincidental juxtaposition?

Roxy and I then drove the four hour trip home in twelve hours, as we had to loop back from the Massachusetts border to recover a left-behind laptop, and had to buy a battery for the Santa Fe, as well.  But experienced road warriors that we are, Roxy and I made it a fun, interesting, and edifying journey.

I awoke Friday in a golden glow of warm emotions, with great feelings for all who had been at the play, at the party and here at home, for my dearly beloved wife Shirl has been most kind in encouraging such adventures, as have Alex McD. and Dan Rusu in helping to watch over HNH in my absences.

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