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Friday, August 16, 2013

Lost Phone: A Verizon Chat

Please hold for a Support Representative to assist you.
Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless.

Your Chat Session ID is RT18472011560.

My name is Ebony, how may I assist you?
Duncan: I am on a PrePay Plan bought thru Net10, but using the Verizon Network. I have lost my LG phone. What do I do to prevent its use by the finder? Can I recover its minutes?
Duncan: Hi, Ebony.
Duncan: Beautiful name.
Ebony: Hi Duncan! You would need to contact Net10 to suspend your phone so your minutes are not used up when you replace it with a new device.
Ebony: Thanks!
Duncan: I talked with them for the last 30 mins. They said I needed to contacte Verizon.
Ebony: Hmm, the xxxxxx6124 doesn't come up for me to be able to suspend your service.
Duncan: The phone number is xxxxxx8124. Do you show that number active on your system?
Duncan: I must have mistyped it.
Ebony: Ok, let me try that one
Duncan: Thank you!
Ebony: Nope, the 6033698124 didn't come up for me either in any of my systems
Ebony: Let me contact Net10 for you
Duncan: OK. What do you recommend.
Ebony: One moment please
.[five or six minutes' pause...]
Duncan: Still here...
Ebony: Yes, I'm talking to them now.
Duncan: OK, I shall wait.
Ebony: They are saying they can't transfer the balance to a new phone unless the account is active.
Ebony: I asked her how do they make sure the balance on the lost phone does not get used during that time and she told me to hold on
Ebony: while she consults with a supervisor
Ebony: I'm holding
Duncan: I know that. I have ordered a new SIM card. My job ticket at NET10 is 1075305453. So, all I want to do is to prevent unauthorized use of my lost LG.
Ebony: That's what I'm trying to find out for you. They don't seem to know.
Duncan: Amateurs?
Duncan: LOL
Ebony: Surely others on their service have had that happen previously.
Ebony: It did give me a chuckle
Duncan: Of course. 6,433,907 cell phone3s are lost daily.
Duncan: Precisely.
Duncan: It is a law of nature.
Duncan: I learned it in third grade, in 1951.
Ebony: Ok, they would need you to call 877-836-2368, option 5, option 5 again to get a representative and then they can deactivate it for you so no one can use it. They assured me that the deactivation would not cause you to lose your number.
Duncan: They made us memorize the cell phone laws, such as the probability of dying while texting and driving is 62%, if done over a ten year period.
Duncan: Great. I will try again.
Duncan: Thank you for your time and humor.
Ebony: LOL
Ebony: No problem Duncan! Have a wonderful day and weekend!
Duncan: You too, my dear Ebony!
Duncan: D-out
Ebony: Thanks!

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