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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Special Birthday Present

Roxana Adriana Fera is a graduate student at Plymouth State University of diverse interests, amazing energy, and many talents.  Born in Sibiu, Romania, but a graduate of Keene State College, Roxy came to PSU in 2012, directly from her second job in southern China, where she had been teaching English for a couple of years.  She had taught previously for several years in both China and Oman, and had also lived in the U.K. for a year.  Like several Romanian graduate students before her, Roxy has been staying here at "Hotel New Hampshire" as she pursues her master's degree.

Early this past July, I came home from my month in Romania to find an easel set up in our sun room, the painting above perched on it.  The palette and paint tubes were carefully arranged nearby.  Roxy had been at work.
I had known Roxy could write poetry.  I had known she could dance.  I had known she could organize and execute colorful cultural events for our many foreign students.  I had known that her teachers thought highly of her ideas in her classes.  But this was my first exposure to Roxy's painting.

When I next had a chance to talk with her, I told Roxy that I loved the chiaroscuro aspect of this acrylic painting.  To me, it bespoke the contrast between summer and winter in New Hampshire.  I think Roxy was a bit surprised.  She had not considered the work to be finished.  I told her I liked it as it was.

Yesterday, when I went into my office, I found the easel with a gold bow on it, and the painting inscribed to me, a gift for my birthday.  Thank you, Roxy.  I shall treasure it.

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