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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Unu de Decembrie, Ziua Naţionala in Romania!

Contingent din Suceava. Parade of the Villagers, Alba Iulia, 1 December 2010
It is the first of December, and almost noon in Campton, New Hampshire, so it's almost 7:00 P.M. in Romania.  I hope that earlier today my Romanian friends and colleagues have celebrated their beautiful homeland, their freedom, and their colorful culture.   I wish you all a fine evening, and a bright future!  Noroc!

Here are links to a few of my earlier posts that celebrate Romania; I share them in the spirit of this National Day!


The rain could not quell the parade, yet seemed to make the colors more vibrant.




Mihai Viteazul, whom we thank for first unifiying the country.

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  1. Today
    Ioana-Diana C.

    Buna ziua!
    From what I read I saw that you are very fond of our country and you always have so many nice things to say about us. Thank you for that!
    Best regards,

    Duncan C. McDougall

    Adevarat! I do love Romania, and her people. They fascinate me. You Romanians have made my last four years memorable, and exciting. I went there in 2008 at 65, and came home a year later feeling 55. So I went back in 2010, and in one semester gained a couple years more in expected lifespan. The Fountain of Youth is in Cluj.


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