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Saturday, December 4, 2010

National Day in Alba Iulia

At Alba Iulia on December 1, 1918, the treaty was signed creating the union of Transilvania, Wallachia and Moldavia that forms modern-day Romania.  Hence, December 1st is celebrated as National Day.  It is especially colorful in Alba Iulia, in spite of rain, and the name of the city.
Sorta dashing.

Costumes represented villages.  There were many.

These fellows came from Suceava, Bucovina, far to the east.

The caruţe came along from some of the villages.

Alba Iulia has a huge historical citadel, dating back to Roman days, they say.

Over 300 years earlier, Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) was first to unite Romania, also with a treaty signed in Alba Iulia.

"Alba" is an impressively well-maintained city.

There follow a few shots of the Citadel.  Note the earthworks and walls.

The cannon are post-Roman ;-)

Andreea is a helpful soul.

Horse training ring and wooden bridge.

Only one fellow would look up.  The rest were dining.


Keeping the peace.

Straight out of the Old West. An elixir for everything that might ail one.

Hey, Skip!  Look who's here!

No, it is not alive.  But it does remind me of a saguaro.

Valer, Leonina and Andreea

Food court at the Mall.  (I wanted to hear the Hallelujah Chorus.)

Mother and daughter... an image at the Mall, where we had lunch.

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