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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Poem for the Holidays

A Poem for the Holidays

God bless us all, in all our states,
In all our faiths, in all our fates.
Allah, Jehovah, help us find
A few soft words, our wounds to bind.

May we all see that greater good,
Our gift from Thee, Thy Earth, our home,
Is here for us, for all to share, 
In love and brotherhood, not fear.

All of us here, who think unbarred,
Around Your sun, beneath Your stars,
Know that, in spite of clergy's claims,
You are just One, with many Names.

Call me blasphemer, infidel,
Apostate, devil, bound for Hell.
Call me anything you please,
God showed Himself, in lands, 'cross seas,

In ways that peoples far apart,
Would understand, and take to heart.
Revelation wide was sown.
Let no folk claim it all their own.

-by Duncan C. McDougall,

Campton, New Hampshire, USA.  Copyright 2012, by the author.  All rights reserved, with the specific exception that sharing of this poem is encouraged if done with proper citation of the author, and of this blog page:


  1. Bravo, many thanks for bringing this to my attention, be well my friend!

  2. Wonderful poem! This is excellent. Thanks for sharing this with us, especially for Christmas is just around the corner. Cheers!

    Anne Walker
    Short Christmas Poems

    1. Thank you, Anne. I would like to hear from you at Have you ever visited Romania? Your love of Grimm's Fairy Tales leads me to recommend a visit (soon) to Transylvania, and to the northern Romanian county of Maramureș.
      Your fellow romantic,

  3. Been spending time searching for the best Christmas greetings messages and card samples, or maybe gift ideas as early as now. Would like to express my love for those who've supported me the whole year round. Thanks for some ideas here!. :)


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