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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving at Hotel New Hampshire

"We gather together to ask the Lord's blessing... ."   Shirl, seven Romanian friends, and I joined to give thanks at our table in Campton this year.  Here is a photo essay.

Moni's first lesson.  Great form, and many solid hits!

Shirl made it home from her Mom's place, just in time for dinner!

Alex Mican din Bistriţa, Danny Rusu din Cluj, Titiana Morariu din Sebeş, and Valer Şuteu din Satu Mare, Romanii unu, doi, trei şi patru.

Sandra Chioralia din Târgu Mureş, şi Profesor Dr. Roxana Wright, din Braşov.  Romanii cinci şi şase.
Dr. Monica Zaharie din Sighetu Marmaţiei, Romăn nr. şapte!

Alex swears his cell phone is behind him on the shelf.  Hmm.

Danny and Titiana

Vali has a great heart, which shines through his smile.

Roxana, my esteemed colleague in both operations management and international business.

And again, my beloved wife Shirl (on the left), and Sandra, soon to be an MBA from Plymouth State University, New Hampshire.

Miki, Roxy, and Maria (six months)
Missing at our Campton table, but celebrating together at Miki and Gus DeMaggio's home in Meriden, NH, were Roxana Fera din Sibiu, her sister Mihaela (Miki), and Miki's three children, the youngest of whom is Maria, shown here.  Miki and Maria came to pick up Roxy for the holiday.

It has been a great Thanksgiving day.  Thanks to all, and especially to The Force that has brought us all together.

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