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Friday, March 24, 2017

Ring's True

Ring's True
Duncan C. McDougall

My wedding ring went on me,
One October day,
And well have I worn it,
At both work and play.

Since Seventy-Three
Which now matches my age,
The ring has been on me,
Through many a page.

I lived here in Campton,
At Beebe River I worked,
When Shirl-Girl said "Yes!"
Knowing happiness lurked,

In these White Mountains,
In a little chalet,
That was to be home to
Four children one day!

Shirl gave me this ring,
"With this ring I thee wed,"
At our wedding in Westborough,
Where she had been bred.

Then I wore it in Pittsburgh,
A coal industry guy,
It came along with me,
As I learned how to fly.

In Tulsa it helped me,
To pass the exam,
To become a pilot,
All life-long my dream.

It came home to Campton,
In Seventy-Six,
Where I started my teaching,
And soon found my niche.

As assistant professor,
At old P. S. C.
My ring felt a sense,
Of good things soon to be.

Jamie was born here,
In Laconia town,
Then Jesse followed,
Not tying us down!

We moved down to Westboruogh,
Where our family grew,
And I wore this fine ring,
Teaching now at B. U.

I went for my doctorate,
At H. B. S.,
Which took me six years,
Productive at best!

Piper and Alex 
Were born in that time,
With Shirl and me bonding,
By ring, and by rhyme.

There's more to this story,
This ring round the world,
To Romania, Panama,
 It sees flags unfurled,

In Italy, Greece, 
Bulgaria, too,
Shirley's companionship,
Always comes through.

Cute, smart, and funny,
Dear Shirley, my wife!
I love you, old ring,
Please see me through life.


  1. Impressive!! Miss you two! Moni

  2. Lauri Flannery WayneMarch 25, 2017 at 2:25 PM

    Awwww, Duncan! That is so sweet!

  3. It sound like a love song :) Very impressive :)

  4. It is a love song! Thanks to you all!


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