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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

European Connections from HBS Days via our Indian-American Section Secretary

MBA 1970, E

FROM : Mr. Ajit B. Jhangiani

SUBJECT : Gordon Walker

Ed note : As Gordon had said to us, he had moved to Frankfurt to lead the LDS church European division, after reducing chronic homelessness in Salt Lake by 90%. His solution in Salt Lake leaned toward first providing shelter to homeless people, and only then triaging who needs what. In a similar vein Albuquerque mayor had offerred the homeless some employment first, and it too worked well. I had sent that article to Gordon. Here is his response, with some minor tweaks by me :).
Dear Section E,
Thank you very much for thinking of us and sending us articles to keep us involved.  It sounds you all had a great time at the Reunion, and we wished that we could have been with you celebrating.
We are enjoying our service here in Frankfurt, Germany where we are working in Public Affairs throughout Europe for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We just returned from a five day swing through Moldova and Romania where we provided training to local members in Public Affairs and also participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a Center for Learning and Self Reliance.  The Center will be used to teach local citizens advanced English, employment skills such as resume building and how to get a job.  At the beginning of the year, classes in coding will be taught so that individuals will improve their market skills.  The University of Utah will also have some teachers come to provide some classes in entrepreneurship.  All of these classes are provided for free.  Moldova is one of the poorest countries in Europe and its citizens can certainly use the assistance.  This is exciting work to do as we donate our time and skills to help others.
The Moldovans certainly provided some lively times for us as the first day was the celebration of the birthday of the city with all of the main downtown streets blocked off for a big party.  The second day there were significant demonstrations as the government held hearings on arresting a former Prime Minister for helping to loot three major banks.  The people won and the former Prime Minister was arrested.  The hearings were broadcast to the people by large screens and competing demonstrations were held just down the street.  Exciting.
I hope you all are well.  Again, thank you all for keeping us together and aware in our active years. Best,

Ed Note. Hey Romania pops up again, our very own Duncan's hangouts, where he taught quite a bit.

Just chatted with old roomie John Lay who was taking both sons to the mountains to shoot some innocent elk. I urged they shoot a tree or rock instead. So there, did my part. Other roomie Peter Burnim is headed toward some back surgery. We hope the best for him too.

Any news on Kennard? Some great pics up on barry's Section E FB page, and awaiting album from Donna Zimmer. DOOONNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! YOOOOHOOOOO!.

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