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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Autumn's Chores and Classmates' Comments

While towing my lawn sweeper behind my Honda tractor today, I aroused the curiosity of a grey wolf. Sorry, I did not get a picture. He came out of the southern woods, in which I was dumping leaves swept from the lawn. He stood and watched me for a couple of minutes, while I talked softly to him, "Hi there, Big Boy!" etc. He even hung around long enough for me to go in and tell Shirley he was there, so she could look out her office window to see him. Yes, friends, HNH is in pretty wild country, with truly unspoiled forest behind our piece of New Hampshire.
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Debbie Powell Evans When my friendly neighborhood deer are enjoying my garden, which they call their salad buffet, I talk to them, too. smile emoticonsmile emoticon
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Annie Waterman Beautiful experience!
Bill Stewart Knowing that we share our place on earth with other creatures is part of the treasure to be passed along to our offspring.
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Stephen Eiss No coyote definitely a wolf huh? That is magnificent 
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Duncan C. McDougall He was far too big to be a coyote. We have too many coyotes in the state, and I am told it is legal to shoot them (though I do not have livestock, so I do not do that). When the coyotes run a deer on the power line behind us at night, their howling is loud, and positively eerie... until all of a sudden, it stops.
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Lynn David Newton Lawn sweeper? I didn't know they made these, at least not something affordable by non-pros. I have a tractor, too and a ton of leaves. My tractor mulches, so I try to just mow them down as much as I can -- just did that today -- but by tomorrow my bigg...See More
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Duncan C. McDougall Lynn: It is a Craftsman, from Sears. I have used it for over 20 years. I have a huge maple (see above) whose yellow leaves form a thick blanket on our side lawn each fall. I have swept it twice so far this month, and have one more pass to make once it loses its last leaves.
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Lynn David Newton Yep. Here's mine as of day before yesterday. (On the right.) The magnolia on the left also has about a billion leaves and will follow soon. Then the very tall pear in the back yard. I've thought about something like a sweeper, but I don't want something I have to stop and dump every two minutes. I'll have to think about something like this for next season.
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Duncan C. McDougall Beautiful! The big problem can be where to dump the leaves, now that we can not burn them on Wilmette's brick streets, as we did in the 1950s.
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Lynn David Newton Duncan, right, it's a bit of a hassle, but we have that covered. I get them into trash barrels or leaf bags. We have pickup that intensifies this time of year. The thing I hate is bending over, e.g., to get them from the ground into whatever they are g...See More
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Duncan C. McDougall Lynn: I use the forest... creating new soil, and I see it. There is a lot of forest around me. No one has complained in my 25 years here. wink emoticon
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Lynn David Newton Duncan, my in-laws (ages 89 and 90) live on the edge of a forest on the side of a mountain. That land is theirs. And that's what they do with stuff like that, too. Year before last my father-in-law chainsawed and dragged a medium-size tree that fell in their yard overnight. (Yes, he can still do that, but barely. He did the chain saw, I did the dragging.) I just had to haul the pieces about 75 feet into the woods.
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Duncan C. McDougall Did the same two weeks ago with half a tree that had been hit by lightning, and had fallen onto our tennis court's fence. Fortunately, though the top bar was bent a bit, the fence is still there. In fact, as my old Homelite chain saw no linger makes a spark, and the repairman said, "not worth fixing," I went down to Rand's Hardware in Plymouth and bought a new Stihl chainsaw. It seems a little lightweight gem, perfect for the trimming I now have to do from time to time.

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