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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Breakfast in Orlando with a Team from Oradea

Department of non-coincidences:

We are still at La Quinta Airport West in Ortlando, Florida.

As I edged past the queue in the narrow aisle at the waffle machines to get myself a black coffee, I heard a young man to my left say something in an accent that did not sound Spanish.  (Half the population of Orlando is Hispanic, so I would not have been surprised to hear that accent.)  I asked the lad where he was from.  "We are Europeans," he said.  I replied that that was obvious (from both the accent and their appearance), and asked, "From where in Europe do you come?"

Of course, they were Romanians.  They are a team of five students from Colegiul National Emanuil Gojdu in Oradea. They are here in Orlando for a conference in the field of computer science.

I ended up having breakfast with their teacher, and with a senior student named Andrei.  
I hope that Andrei and the good Professor enjoyed their breakfasts with me as much as I did with them.

I wished them "Noroc!" at the conference, and invited them to visit this blog, and to visit my Facebook page.  Someday, I hope to meet some of them again, be it in Oradea, in Cluj, or in Plymouth (New Hampshire).

Who knows?  One or more of them may one day be doing his MBA at Plymouth State University!

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