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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time Traveller

Tonight I ate at Time Traveller with Sonika, Sritama, Sridharshini, and Shobin, three young ladies and a man from Section C, Batch 19, at XIME.
Shobin, Sritama, Sridharshini, and Sonika, with their professor
These were the first students to ask me for a social meeting since my coming to Bangalore four weeks ago, and it was pure fun to go out with them.  I even let them buy me dinner, something I refuse to let students do in America.  But, I am not grading this course, my colleague and co-teacher Prof. Naseer Jaffer will do that, so at the students' insistence, I let them pay.

The students at XIME are a dedicated bunch. They have come here in their mid-twenties to gain a graduate degree in business.  Most of them are from technical fields as undergraduates, and their intelligence is unquestionable. Their dedication is demonstrated by the pace of work while here, and by the cloistered lifestyle of XIME.

How would my American and Romanian readers feel about attending four-to-five classes a day, five-and-a-half days per week, while required to be living in separate dormitories for men and women, with a 9:00 PM curfew for women students, and a 9:30 curfew for men, except for Saturdays, when the curfews are 30 minutes later?  But XIME students do it.  They do it because XIME is a serious academic institution, known for teaching to a world-class standard.  They do it because XIME graduates are very much in demand in Indian industry.

So, we went to the Indian-Singaporean Chinese restaurant Time Traveller here in the Electronics City section of Bangalore.  The food was different from any cuisine I have had before, spicy, vegetarian, and delicious.  The atmosphere was elegant, and the company charming.  I feel spoiled tonight.

Thanks, kids!  I very much appreciate your kindness!    

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  1. Thanks a lot sir for your time...It was entirely our pleasure to have you among us.


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