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Friday, November 21, 2014

Season's Speculations

Air tickets are booked,
The first flight is nearing.
I'm heading abroad,
Thus I am preparing.

Feeling the season,
Heeding the call.
Of Craciun, fast coming,
To us, one and all.

First, visit Romania,
Cluj in decembrie
Welcoming winter,
In camaraderie.

Then, off to India,
Eastward I'll fly,
New students to meet,
And new fish to fry.

Come February,
(God willing, of course),
A new baby grandson,
Will be joining the force.

So, home from the East,
Old granddad, in joy,
Will drive to Orlando,
To see the new boy.

Retirement? Me?
I think not. You'll see!
I am just starting,
New activity!

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