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Monday, November 10, 2014

Changing Times

Klaus in Bucharest
Klaus and I are parting this fall.  Klaus will hopefully go to a family somewhere in Europe that needs an amazingly capable 21 year-old BMW 520i.  He is not able to pass the German TÜV inspection without an investment in exhaust system parts and body rust repair equal to at least what I paid to buy him in 2008, but he runs very well, and for the right family, that 2000-odd Euros could provide a very good, very cheap car.

PSU campus, as seen from the roof of Boyd Hall on Highland Street
(Plymouth State University Photo)
Still greater a milestone was passed tonight. I have just finished leading my final class session as a professor at PSU.  It was the close of my MBA course in International Business.  I have a great group of 14 students.  I will miss our Monday night classes.  Their term projects are due next Monday, so I am not quite through as a teacher!

Still, I am feeling change in my life.  A complex set of feelings.

Da, da, da, da.

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