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Monday, January 6, 2014

Two Perspectives, Two Truths.

Today the following picture appeared on Facebook, shared by my niece, Talya McDougall.  I liked it very much, but also saw another side.  That response is below the picture.

I did, but:

In those days, my friends were all local, rather than all around the world. We shared our narrowness, prejudices, and ignorance of the wider world. Protestants felt guilty if they entered a Catholic church. Catholics feared eternal damnation if they reciprocated. If we were lucky, our parents were educated well, and instilled human values that allowed us to see past those sorts of prejudices, but if not, we became nasty little bigots.  It took bleeding together in Vietnam to teach us that whites and blacks are simply men and women, and that all are in the same bind. We are all here on Earth, mortal, and we all are just trying to do our best for ourselves and for our families. What I like best about the Internet is that it has made us more aware of those facts. Wherever you are, my friends on Facebook [or here in my blog], you have my respect. For together, we share the human condition.

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