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Friday, January 17, 2014

Caffeine Catharsis

Perhaps you have wondered,
(Perhaps you have not),
Why this prolific blogger,
Has failed to post squat.

For over a week now,
His silence has said,
"What's happened to Duncan?
Sure hope he's not dead!"

Well, dear Blogspot fans,
I write now to confess,
That a dearth of black coffee,
Has made me a mess.

Repeated arrhythmia,
Blood pressure, too,
Convinced me this week,
That caffeine is taboo.

But getting off coffee,
In an addict like me,
Nearly put me to sleep,

By Duncan C. McDougall, Copyright 2013, All rights reserved.
(Special permission is hereby granted to readers of this post to share this poem with proper citation of its author, and of this web site:

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