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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seasonal Memories: At "Hotel New Hampshire" and the Pullman Farm

It is Sunday.  In a state of relaxation, I sip on my homemade ciorba de fasole cu pui (bean soup with chicken) and await the start of the New England Patriots' final game of the regular season, which will begin at 16:25 this afternoon.  I am enjoying this view of the wood stove, feeling its warmth on my legs as I type.

There is no main goal in this post, only to record a few memories of this Christmastime in our family.

Here we see Shirl and her "Teddy Bear" Dani Rusu, who gave her a hug as he said, "Goodbye," and headed home to Cluj for Christmas with his family. We sent him home with our warm wishes for his parents, Maria and Teofil, at their beautiful home in Cluj-Napoca.

As this shot shows, Dani is a BIG teddy bear, and Shirl is a darling in every respect.

As you might have read in previous posts, the biggest Christmas gift of the year came in a small package, directly from God and our daughter-in-law Cally.  For, on the 18th of the month, she bore Angus Stevenson McDougall, firstborn son of the second second son of the second son, Jesse Stewart McDougall.  (There are no typographical errors in that last sentence.  If you want an explanation, ask in a comment!)

On Christmas Eve, 24 December, Shirl, Alex and I went to The Pullman Farm to meet our newborn Angus.  The next batch of pictures are of that event.
A now-familiar scene in a later season of the year.

Signs from the Wedding of Jesse and Cally, held here in June, 2012.

The workbench in the garage, remarkably orderly this time!

Papa awaiting his son, who is upstairs with his mother.

And the living room is decorated for Angus' First Christmas.

Sometimes it is hard to tell Alex (28) from Jesse (35).  This is Alex.

You know this lady!

Grandmama and Mama!

Looking so cute, I had to include it!

And finally, Angus!
 And now, let's go upstairs and visit the nursery:
His crib.

A nursing chair?

A shelf full of wonderful stuff, and diapers!

A bureau that doubles as a changing table.

Essential reading material, especially since his Dadiu plans to take him to Romania one day!

And a biology lesson on a tapestry.
 Outside the nursery, this 213 year-old home has the collected treasure of the generations that have dwelt here.
Hallway scene just outside the nursery.

I love the toy cook stove, made of cast iron.

Why so serious, Shirl?  "Mae Mae" is a cute Grandma name!

Once back home in Campton, we got some snow, and had our Christmas dinner as a quiet group at this table.  This morning, I saw this scene, and had to shoot it.  I have named the photo "Fallen Leaf."
Fallen Leaf
Dear friends, the world around, please join us here for tea in 2014!  Happy New Year, şi La Mulţi Ani!!!

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  1. It was so fun experience Christmas through Pearson this year. He loved every bit of it. I had so many delicious Christmas goodies that I didn't really have to crave anything. Celebrating our last Christmas as a family of three. It was so fun experience Christmas through Pearson this year.


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