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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Verse, 2013

When Comes the Day of Christmas
By Duncan C. McDougall

This year has been a hard one,
(Though not as tough as some).
We're safe and warm, and have good friends,
And God, and love, and home.

The losses of the year gone by,
Dear Barbara, most of all.
But also my friend Craig,
Still sadly made tears fall.

Then born this week was Angus,
Our grandson strong and well,
And in my love of all our kids,
And of theirs, my heart doth swell.

I'll never know for sure my fate,
Until my last Earth day,
But in this time of Christmas,
I shall love, and hope, and pray.

When comes the day of Christmas,
What joy that day renews!
Our spirit lives forever!
Dear God, Thy Son! Good News!

Copyright 2013, by Duncan C. McDougall, all rights reserved.
Permission is given to share this poem with proper citation of the author and this web site:

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