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Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Son the Farmer

The farm that Jesse McDougall and Cally Wheeler McDougall are operating is a boarding horse farm in Vermont.  Its premises include their family's farmhouse, barns and stables, as well as a veterinarian's office, paddocks and dressage rings.  They farm many acres of fields where they grow hay for the horses, and a bit of fruit and vegetables for their own consumption.  Last Sunday, I captured these scenes of the farm and of some of its residents and tenants.
Jesse and Cally

"Follow me and I'll show you around."
Nosing his blanket on a chilly October day

Most paddocks corral one horse. 


The mustang.

Not a bad place, is it?

"The kids" out by the customers' horse trailers.

Indoor riding ring in "the new barn."

Hayfield equipment.

The biggest tractor, a John Deere 6310.

And the smallest, a Ford 1310 (Nu Dacia? Nu!)

Outdoor riding/training ring, with paint dating from the 1970s.

The "New Barn"

Pretty girl!

Walking back toward the farmhouse.

Farmhouse, old barn, and silos.

Godspeed to the young couple.

My son the farmer.

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