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Monday, February 18, 2013

Planning Inputs Re: Russian Tour

I was delighted to receive prompt replies from both sides of the Atlantic to the e-mail messages found in my last post:

AW: Urals for Tour of Russia

Hello Professor McDougall, great that you enjoy riding motorcycles and with Ural you have the best possible motorcycle for travelling in Russia .
You are right, you are not the first one, who has the idea to cross Russia with the Ural combination.
First of all, I only can talk about Ural in Europe, I don’t know how to purchase a Ural in Russia .
The European specification of Ural is different to the US specification, we cannot deliver US legal Urals.
The prices of Ural with sidecar are from EUR 8.100,-- (cheapest model “Ural T”) up to EUR 10.400,-- (best model for your purpose “Ranger”).
Depending on which country you want to purchase, you must add 19% VAT (for example in Germany ) up to 33% (for example in Austria ).
Biggest problem for you as citizen from the USA is, that you are not able to register a motorcycle in Europe , when you do not have a domicile here.
So whenever somebody from the USA wants to buy a Ural for driving in Europe we recommend to rent a Ural instead of buying.
I don’t know if you can buy and register a Ural in Russia .
Generally I think the best is to buy and register in the USA and then drive this bike through Russia .
Best regards
Hari S.
Ural Motorcycles GmbH
ATU 56984008

Congenia GmbH

Albrechtstra├če 26
A-4614 Marchtrenk
Telefon:           +43/7243/21515
Fax:                 +43/7243/21519

Facebook: Ural Motorcycles Europe

Re: AW: Urals for Tour of Russia

Dear Herr S.,

Thank you very much for the swift reply, and for the sound advice.  I shall continue to investigate my alternatives, including the purchase of a Ural in Russia, the rental of a Ural, and the transporting of my own rugged old 1969 BMW R60US (in the attached picture) to Europe to share the adventure with me, as it has so often done in the past.  Though it has no sidecar, my old R60, with a 7.0 to 1 compression ratio and magneto ignition, has a way of running well on poor fuel, and of always bringing me home.

Beginning that aforementioned investigation, suppose I were to rent a Ural sidecar rig from your company for a tour of two months, and roughly 22,000 Km.  What might that cost?  And if afterwards I were to buy the machine, would you be willing count the rental as part of its price?

I note that your address is Marchtrenk, Austria.  My wife Shirl and I may be driving that way this coming May on our way from Fellbach, DE, to Cluj (Klausenburg), RO.  If so, with your invitation, I should like to stop and meet you.


And then, following a telephone conversation:

Hi Duncan,
It was nice to talk to you. Thank you for the phone call.
Dmitry B., General Manager
978-263-9000 Ext 111
AlphaCars & Ural of New England

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