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Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Dream


 Fw: Urals for Tour of Russia

Dear "Sales" at Ural of New England,

I met a bunch of URAL riders last summer at a cafe between Fairbanks and Denali in Alaska.  A BMW motorcycle owner since 1963, I have long been interested in the Ural.  I am forwarding the message below to you, so you know about the plan that I have in the formative stage.  I figure you might end up playing a helpful role.

It is probable, but not definite, that if I do this trip, I will have another veteran American touring rider along, and that we will be buying two bikes in Western Europe, or in Russia.

I look forward to hearing from you.


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Duncan C McDougall 

To: "xxxxx@ural.xx"
Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 1:14 PM
Subject: Urals for Tour of Russia

Dear folk at Ural Motorcycles,

In June I will celebrate my 50th year of motorcycling.  Last year, at age 68, I rode my 1982 Honda GL500I from New Hampshire to Fairbanks, Alaska, and back, my third transcontinental ride in North America.  I rode 10.872 miles (17.500 Km) in 41 days.  I am a serious touring rider, and have in mind a trans-Siberian tour in 2014.  I am also an experienced camper, and envision carrying with me a tent and full camping gear.  Hence, the Ural sidecar models have caught my eye.

Unfortunately, as a teacher at a small state university, and as the father of six children, I have not become rich, so this plan will be made on a limited budget.

Please reply with your recommendation as to the U.S.-legal Ural model that you would recommend for such an adventure, where you would recommend I pick it up (I will be flying from Boston to Europe), and what price I should expect to pay for the bike in Rubles (if bought in Russia, or at the factory), or in Euros (if in Western Europe).  Also, I envision booking a sea passage for myself and the motorcycle from Vladivostok to a port on the U.S. mainland.  If you know of a common carrier for that trip, please let me know.

Finally, I have spent considerable time during the past four years living and teaching in Romania.  I am experienced at meeting people and learning of their cultures.  Meeting the Russian people is one of the objectives of my idea of a trans-Siberian tour. 

I suppose that I am not the first to write to you with such a dream, so please also give me whatever advice you feel I should have about a land route to Vladivostok, and any general advice for doing such a tour.

Thank you very much,


Duncan McDougall 
Dream tour: St Petersburg to Vladivostok,
 stretching 9.748 Km. via M58.  We will meander and camp, see Lake Baikal, etc.

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