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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alexandra in America

A3 with Shirl, at our home.
My dear colleague Alexandra Muţiu has now returned to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and to her beautiful family.  And now we know how a Fulbrighter's hosts must feel when a well-respected and well-loved visiting professor has to leave for home.  Shirl and I miss A3 (as Shirl dubbed Alexandra, to distinguish her from our son Alexander, and from Alexandru Mican, the Romanian MBA who lived with us for a year).  But we have some photos to soothe our feelings, and to keep her memory fresh in our minds.  Today, I will post a selection of my favorite snapshots of A3 and Shirl at play, and of Professor Muţiu at Plymouth State University.

At The Brick Store in Bath, NH, "America's Oldest General Store"

Dancing to the Wurlizer at the Ice Cream Shop

At lunch in Woodsville.


Pastoral Symphony, please, Maestro!

Dean Boggess of CoBA, and Prof. Muţiu

With colleague David Talbot

Drs. Brad Allen, Edward Harding, Alexandra Muţiu and Daniel Moore

With fellow accounting teacher Bruce Wiggett
With graduating MBA Chuji Yamada of Osaka, Japan

With CoBA Director of Students, Eileen Bennett

Contingent Românesc: Prof. Muţiu and Prof. Roxana (Dima) Wright, CoBA Director of Faculty

At our seats for the Commencement Ceremonies

A3 had seen enough of the camera by this time.  Da, da, da, da!
Dear colleague and friend Alexandra, many here at Plymouth State University would welcome your return, but none more fervently than Shirl and Duncan.  Thank you for a great semester.  We love you.

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