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Friday, April 27, 2012

Just figured this out: Mood = f(Gender) in Romania

Romanian women are endlessly charming.  Their intelligence and talent in conversation (in an irresistible accent), coupled with their ability to maximize their attractiveness with feminine wiles such as playful flirtation, clever use of the eyes, and subtle cosmetics, have made them famous among men of all nations.  They are, therefore, characterized by self-confidence.  They are amazing.  (And that is coming from a man who first went to Romania at age 65, who has lived there for about 18 months in several prolonged visits, and who has remained faithful to his beloved American wife of 38 years, throughout.)  But do not take it only from me.  Ask any man, from anywhere, who has visited Romania for more than a few days.

Most of the Romanian men I know are intelligent, strong, capable, and yet tend to a dour countenance, and a pessimistic outlook on life.  For years now, I have been falling into the trap of blaming their prevailing mood on the country's history of economic struggle, international conflict, and political change, or on its much-criticized bureaucracy, or on their having to put up with myriad taxes that foster corruption, or on the psychological conflict of knowing right from wrong, yet having to compromise their principles in order to survive economically, and to feed their families.  But now I think I've figured out the real reason Romanian men walk around with long faces.

Could it be that Romanian men are depressed because they are doomed to compete with all the men in the world for the affections of their attractive, smart, endlessly charming countrywomen?


  1. :) I didn't see it coming! It's probably not about them, but about you that they(ele) are so nice and the others (ei) are more gloomy!

  2. Moni:
    Hmmmm. I take your first point as a compliment, but I sure hope that I have not myself depressed my many respected male friends in Romania!

  3. I'll tell you the real reason why Romanian men are depressed ...and this is from a Romanian woman married to a Romanian man..:) It is because they have to pay for all the cosmetics, expensive fragrances, brand name clothes and accessories!!! :)

  4. Wisdom in words!


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